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Buying New Construction

Seagrave Realty Group Agents can help you with more than just buying or selling a home. You may not be aware that there are immense benefits to be gained by having an agent represent you when building a new construction home. Enlisting an agent to assist in the new construction process is not an out of pocket cost.

Actually, new home builders not only encourage participation by a Realtor, they expect it. Representation by an agent does not add significantly to the cost of your home. Any compensation paid to the Realtor is the sole responsibility of the builder. The buyer essentially considers it a marketing fee and it doesn't have any effect on your home's final cost. This allows you, the homeowner, to reap the benefits of being represented by an experienced agent throughout the entire process, yet not be responsible for any payment to the agent.

Clients benefit greatly by having a knowledgeable and experienced local agent at their side as they work through the building process. Having an experienced agent on hand to represent you provides you with an advantage and and some leverage with the builder that you would not have on your own.

It is absolutely critical that you have representation by a professional agent if you don't yet reside in Florida but are planning to build your dream home here. Since you are not on hand to watch over every detail, you need a trusted representative to do that on your behalf. Seagrave Group Realty will act as your personal construction supervisors so you can be assured that we are overseeing each and every step of the building process to ensure that that you get exactly what you want from your new home construction project.

When we represent you in this way, we'll also make sure that you get the quality and value that you deserve in your new home. Our knowledgeable and experienced agents are here to ensure that you aren't misled or cheated out of what is rightfully yours. Going through the process alone, you may be unaware of the extras that may be available. Let Seagrave Group Realty be there on your behalf, making sure that you get what you're entitled to. We'll assist you on all the little extras that can make a difference in resale value, an important detail if you decide to sell your home in the future.

Seagrave Group Realty has the answers you need when it comes to site location, working with builders and a range of other matters that make a difference when building your dream home. The investment you make in your new home construction plays a considerable role in the appreciated value of the property in the future. Choices you make today are crucial when it comes to potential resale profit. Our agents have the immense experience necessary to help make the choices that will benefit you now and in the future.


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